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NM2 - Nate Mendel Double Drive Pedal Ashdown Nate Mendel Signature Double Distortion Pedal

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NM2 - Nate Mendel Double Drive Pedal

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The NM2 effects pedal is a Dual Distortion Stereo effects device specifically designed for Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters. This pedal has been designed from the ground up with Nate to ensure the ultimate pedal for Bass Distortion with some very cool features key to the specific application set by Nate from the start of conception. 

There is a single Input jack socket and 2 x Output jack sockets – Output 1 & Output 2. Both of these outputs provide the same level of bass signal that is presented at the Input, plus their own individually adjustable mix of 2 separate, and very different distortion effects (one for each output), that can be added to the original dry bass signal for massive bass overdrive effects.

For stereo use each output can be fed to separate amplifiers and the individually adjustable bass overdrive effects switched IN or OUT for Output 1, for Output 2 or both together.

By using the 1+2 switch both effects can be routed to Output 2 allowing the use of Distortion 1, Distortion 2 or both together into a single amplifier if desired.

Because the same level of unaltered bass signal is always fed from input to the output and to this original dry signal is added the distortion effects, you will never lose the full dynamics and bottom end contained in your bass playing.

NM2 - Nate Mendel Double Drive Pedal Specifications

Power Requirement Interne 9v Batterie - Externe 9v DC adaptor. Centre pin negative.
High Instrument Input Impedanz 470k Ohm Signal level –10dBv to 0dBv Output
Output Impedance Impedanz 1k Ohm Signal level - same as input level Supply