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Little Bastard 30-watt all-valve head

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Little Bastard

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Rebellious, uncompromising and cool as f***, James Dean - and the car he nicknamed the Little Bastard - are the inspiration for this iconic, all-tube mini bass amp head. Rated at 30-Watts, the Little Bastard won't rip your head off, but its EL84-equipped power section is more than capable enough for small gigs. And, of course, it won't put your back out on the way.

The Little Bastard preamp stage employs ECC83 and ECC82 tubes and features High and Low gain inputs, front panel-mounted Effects Send and Return, rotary Bass, Middle and Treble controls with Mid Shift, Bass Shift and Bright switching, Mute switch, rotary Volume control and balanced DI output. The Little Bastard head partners perfectly with a range of Ashdown US Series cabinets.

Little Bastard Specifications

Power Output 30 Watt
Power Handling 30Hz - 16Khz
Speaker Outputs Jack Sockets
High Instrument Input 450 MV
Low Instrument Input 150 MV
DI Output Line level -1K
Output Impedance Minimum Impedance 4 Ohm
EQ Passive Bass, Middle & Treble
Effects Send Valve Driven Inst Level
Effects Return Valve Recovered
Pre-Amp Tubes 1 X ECC83 1 X ECC82
Output Tubes 4 x EL84
H x W x D (mm) 218 x 407 x 260
Weight (kg) 11