Bass Amplification

Custom Shop

A complete range of custom shop bass amplifiers combining classic tube and solid state tone with Ashdown innovations.

Hand built in the UK custom shop, we deliver a range of valve bass amplifiers that mix a heady brew of classic tube and solid state tone with unmistakable Ashdown innovations. From low-wattage studio amps through to stadium-ready rock powerhouse rigs, the Ashdown Custom Shop range has you covered.


800 Watt 12 Band Graphic Lightweight Bass Amp Head

BTA 400

400-watt Valve Bass Amp head


100 Watt All Valve Bass Amp Head


300 Watt All Tube Bass Amp Head - Handbuilt in UK Custom Shop


15 Watts All Tube Mini Bass Amp Head


30 Watt All Tube Amp

Little Bastard

30-watt all-valve head

LB-30 Drophead 15H

30W 1x15 Drophead valve combo


15w All Valve 10" DROPHEAD 15 combo