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MiBass Interface

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With no end of guitar-related audio interfaces on the market, it was only natural that Ashdown users started requesting that we develop a interface for bass players. MiBass delivers not only as a great sounding audio interface interface, but also as a DI, headphone amp and App-Tek interface for use with your smartphone or tablet.

Total connections – from the home studio to the stage

Whatever you need an interface to do – MiBass has it covered. Record to your DAW? No problem, just connect MiBass to your computer via USB and away you go. DI to a mixer? Simple, MiBass has a pro-quality XLR DI connection. There's even a headphone socket for silent practise and a separate speaker out.

MiBass is must-have item for every modern bass player.

App-Tek – a world of tone at your fingertips

Via the App-Tek socket players can access the ever-growing range of amp sim and effects apps available on Smartphones and devices, unlocking a huge expanding range of sounds. Plugging your bass in to the MiBass and making a simple connection to your device via the supplied cable is all you'll need to do to get started. Choose from effects apps to recording apps and even our very own ABM Pre App....

Bring ABM muscle direct to your MiBass

Connect your device via App-Tek (using the supplied 4 pole mini jack cable) and use the ABM Pre App available on Agile Partners Amp Kit and you've got legendary ABM tone and flexibility dialled straight into your MiBass and ready to record or send straight to the PA. Enjoy Sub Harmonic Tube Drive, professional Compression and the ABM 7-Band EQ and transform this small grey box into a fully-loaded pro rig.

Click HERE to download the Ashdown app via Agile Partners Amp Kit. 

MiBass Interface Specifications

High Instrument Input Connectors Standard 1/4” jack
Low Instrument Input Input impedance approx. 470 kΩ input level 150mV /300mV(Active)
Line Input Iphone IN/OUT 4 poles 3.5mm headphones jack Input impedance approx. 10 kΩ input level 120mV output impedance approx. 4.7 kΩ ou
Line Output Connectors XLR, balanced Output impedance approx. 680 Ω output level 25mV
DI Output Yes