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Cube 40 - BK 45 Watt Acoustic Cube Guitar Combo

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Cube 40 - BK

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The AA-40 is a 45 watt single channel Acoustic guitar amplifier. Designed to be ultra portable for the musician on the move the AA-40 weighs in at a tiny 3.4kgs.


A fully featured pre amp allows the user to sculpt their perfect acoustic tones by using the treble and bass eq controls whilst retaining the characteristics of the instrument being used.


Stunning digital Reverb is available in 4 different flavours and a very useful notch filter will help to cancel out feedback inducing frequencies when playing at higher volumes.



The stunning acoustic tones are delivered via a custom 5" speaker combined with a studio quality tweeter for stunning acoustic tone and projection that belies its tiny size.


Other features include; 


  • Balanced DI Output
  • FX Send and Return
  • Shape switch
  • Carry Strap
  • 35mm recessed speaker pole socket
  • Link out socket for connection to the AA Power Cube powered 40 watt extension combo.
  • Ultra small and portable measuring only 230mm squared
  • 5" Speaker with tweeter

Cube 40 - BK Specifications

Power Output 45 Watt
Power Requirement 230/115 auto select
Speaker Configuration 1 x 5
Frequency Response Frequency Response -3dB @ 52Hz & 28kHz
High Instrument Input Chan 1 Active Impedance 10k Ohms Input Range 300mV to 20V p-p
Low Instrument Input Chan 1 Passive Impedance 3.9M Ohms Input range 150mV to 10V p-p
Line Input Line In Impedance 10k Ohms Level 0dBu
Line Output Line Out Impedance 4.7k Ohms Level 0dBu
DI Output D.I. Impedance 600 Ohms Level –20dBu
Signal to noise Signal to noise ratio <80dB (Eq flat)
EQ Bass & Treble +/- 15dB @ 100Hz & 10kHz
Effects Send Effects Send Impedance 10k Ohms Level 0dBu
Effects Return Effects Return Impedance 47k Ohms Level 0dBu
Distortion Distortion >0.8% THD
H x W x D (mm) 230 x 230 x 230
Weight (kg) 3.4kg 7.5 lbs
Notch Filter Notch Frequency 70 to 350Hz ‘Q’ = 5